Monday, April 11, 2011

New Life

First off, to all my followers that have been reading my blog since ’09, thank you for your support and kindness. I apologize for my long absence, life has been hectic but I’m glad to say that I will be making a major change in my life as I will be moving in the next few months that follow (hopefully!).

Second of all, with all this change occurring, I’m giving a new life to my blog (no, I have not abandoned it) and it’s going to be under a new name, Carbon Sheep.

The reason I chose the name Carbon Sheep is for the symbolic and sentimental meaning the two words represent. Carbon, for instance, when at its most pigmented form is graphite, and at its most transparent, it is diamond. Yet, humanity values one much more than the other, much like they tend to value certain races, gender, skin color, beliefs, and beauty. Unfortunately, most humans do not see or appreciate what they are over looking, that everybody is human, ONE entity, and there is no better or different person. Summed up, Carbon represents our diversity and our materialistic value that we place on completely worthless objects. This brings me to the Sheep, the sheep represents our fragility. If someone were to take everything away from us, we are left vulnerable to nature. That’s what we also overlook, our sense of pride and global dominance completely overshadows the fact that we truly are a species that once was, and still is, as vulnerable and frail as a sheep.

With that being said, I hope you all continue to follow me with my developing journey and there literally is much more to come and are currently in the works. See you in my next post,